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About me | About website | Experience | My book | Gallery | Feedback – my personal website and my first creative project, launched in October of 2010. The site contains information about me to prospective employers and business partners, the publication of my professional and social activities, my personal blog. is a mirror of my internal state and views on life, is the way of expression and one of the foundations for achieving my goals.

On the one hand, it gives motivation to work on myself, learning and thinking. On the other hand it is possibility to systematically collect all the ideas and achievements in one place and analyze. It is a tool of creativity and business card. For me is a way of expression.

At 2012 took the 1st place at Russian web sites competition in category “Personnel web sites”.

Персональный сайт Максима Прихожденко. Копирование разрешено только с активной ссылкой на статью и автора.

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