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At May 2017 I published my book named «Power of your Idea. How to harmoniously implement idea: business, creative, improving».

This book covers the period of my life since 2007 when I initially imagined what I would like to achieve, till 2017 when something what was planned became true. The book consist of several storylines whitch describes the main components of mentioned period: process of self-determination, self-expression through sport and hobbies, work at Hyundai plant.

The first 5 years were devoted to shaping of my general understanding by thinking about desired results, finding a strategy to achieve them, writing of motivation essays what reproduced my emotions regarding the first results. So, by 2012 I could create, try-out and describe the framework of my own lifestyle approach, consisting of 7 major elements:

  • Desire to succeed
  • Personal understanding of success
  • Goal setting
  • Planning
  • Motivation
  • In-depth work
  • Personal growth

The next 5 years I was focused on in-depth work in order to check in details and be convinced of truthful of each of them. As a result, this time was characterized by career achievements and writing essays on professional topics. Thus, for this 10 years I have consistently gone through all the stages step by step.

Published essays are divided into 7 chapters (one for each element) but in the aggregate they acquire a single meaning and reflect my vision of how to become a person, whitch you would like to be.

  • If you are going to start something to do – just begin right now
  • If you really know what you want – you will get it
  • If you act with passion – results will surely ovecome expectations
  • If you live in harmony with nature and respect to other people – it seems that everything around helps you

The book has its own place for theory and practice, someone else’s and personal experience, borrowed quotes and own statements, motivational and artistic component. It contains examples from my own life, but I believe that between the lines you will find something that applies to you personally. I hope that slowly flipping through the pages you read, you will be able to look back and look forward, find new Ideas for yourself and pave the way in your imagination for their implementation.

The book in Russian is avalible to purchaise here.

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