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My name is Maxim Prihozhdenko. Since 2010 I am graduated as Engineer-Manager of innovation projects of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, abbreviated as SPbPU (also, formerly «Saint Petersburg State Technical University», abbreviated as SPbSTU, whitch is a major Russian technical university located in Saint-Petersburg), Faculty of Innovation technologies.

In recent years I am seriously interested in issues of personal growth, setting and achieving goals, healthy way of life, leadership, success and a fulfilling life. I set myself the task to achieve in these areas especial results and attract to them the interest of others. That’s why I am writing essays on these topics and publishing them on my personal website.

In my life I am trying to balance the main areas: personal development, finance, relationship, health, family. To do this I am paying special attention to setting goals in each of them, time management and constant work on myself. Every year in May I summarize everything that was done and prepare annual report of all my results and new achievements.

I am convinced that life is too short to spend it in dullness and mediocrity. So I have deliberately approach to every day, always achieve the desired results and do not stop there. I live to take the most of my potential and change the world around me for the better.

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